technique: importance of joining circle/oval on row 3

12/19/2011 by Sandra McIver

I’m finding a number of Swirls knitters are running into trouble because they are ignoring the instruction to join the circle/oval at the end of row 3.  Knitting pattern instructions are written based on assumptions of which direction the knitter will be working on in any given row.  When the  the knitter joins the circle/oval at the end of row 3 ( or any odd numbered row)  the knitter will be working the remainder of the pattern in the direction the instructions anticipate.  If however the knitter joins the circle/oval at the end of the cast on row or at the end of an even numbered row, they will be knitting in the opposite of the direction the pattern anticipates.  The result of this may be inconsequential (for instance in a centered circle silhouette with only Welted Stripes stitch pattern) , or inconvenient (you may find yourself working eyelets on the "wrong side" of the fabric) or criticall (incorrect placement of inner collar edge/center back).  So PLEASE join your circle/oval at the end of row 3 (or row 1, or row 5) but NOT at the end of cast on row or an even numbered row.

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