Vogue Knitting on knit, Swirl!

9/3/2011 by Sandra McIver

Fall 2011

Knit Lit

by Leslie Petrovski

Uniquely Flattering, One Piece, One Seam Swirl Jackets

By Sandra McIver (SeaStack Publishing; $34.95)

After pawing through this gorgeous collection of "Swirls"-- McIver's term for her circular-shawl-cum-jackets--its hard to imagine that  you wouldn't get mobbed at a wool festival should you decide to knit one.  Not only does it drape and move as  you swan about; it also allows you to incorporoate fancy stitchwork, weave in ribbons, show off flashy hand-paints and generally bend it to your will.  Constructed ingeniously from a welted 8-piece pie with an opening to accommodate sleeves, the Swirl is offered in four basic silhouettes.  From there, it is, as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say, "knitter's choice."