technique: Swirl origami

8/30/2012 by Sandra McIver

So you've studied the book, but still can't envision how it is that the oddly-shaped, one piece knitted object finally becomes a Swirl.  It is a bit like origami! Here's an illustration that will help:

technique: sewing the seam

The edge outlined in red is seamed to the edge outlined in green.  Start by locating the center of the back neck and center of the inner collar. Using locking stitch markers, pin those two points together.  Next, pin point A to point G, B to H, C to I, D to J, E to K, F to L.  Use additional stitch markers placed every 2-3" in between those points.  Now your seam is pinned and ready for you to use mattress stitch (ladder stitch, invisible seam) and sew together.

Voila!  It's a Swirl!

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